Saturday, September 15, 2012

Josh Hoopes steals art to promote himself-

Here is a link to Josh Hoopes gallery on Photobucket

I spent a good deal of time searching the net for the art he has stolen to represent his work and here are my findings:

First here is an anonymous blog where Josh goes by the user name Lilat  the fist 5 images in his gallery are displayed in this blog. And I imagine the next 5 images are from the same timeframe. I doubt STRONGLY Josh Hoopes drew these pages but I could not find the original artist.

This was next in his gallery and I found the real artist Kleea

The next 3 images are by an Illustrator named Bengal

The next image is of a Map from a children's book by Alexis Tapp

Art by Jeff Zugale

Art by SPLASH!

Art by Mike Debalfo

Special thanks to for providing links to his gallery and keeping us up to date on his attempts at fraud and criminal activity.

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