Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rick Olney emailed me today...

Rick Olney has threatened me with a lawsuit if I do not remove his "good name" from my blog.

I don't like being threatened or bullied, I am providing links to news/ information sources, Rick Olney owes money to artists. After legal Judgements were made against him several years ago, he has neglected to pay out money owed. This constitutes a deadbeat and Olney's name will remain.

I have found some more detailed sources of information about Rick Olney:

Here's a great video interview between Artful Angie and Rick Olney from Rich Johnston @

And some in depth info from J.R. LeMay @

Olney vs Matt Busch by J.R. LeMar   12-01-2011

Olney vs Val Staples by J.R. LeMar  12-01-2011

Olney vs Jim Tournas by J.R. LeMar  12-01-2011

Olney vs Scott Reed by J.R. LeMar  12-01-2011

Rick Olney Warning by J.R. LeMar   12-01-2011

If Mr. Olney's lawyer requests my information please email me.

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