Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sean Ranieri Art Theif!

Sean Ranieri from Australia of steals art and sells it on his website in various forms, please don't buy his garbage.

I was contacted by email and comment on my deviant art page to use my artwork, he was vague and didn't give me any details about what he intended to do with the art, so I looked him up and found a website selling tshirts, pins, etc. with unlicensed characters and art taken from the internet, including my Lois Griffin art.

If you support artists, please don't buy garbage from his website! Please link this to all comic, manga art related outlets.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Brian Czompi

Hey artists, If you find a random image on google and trace it, call it a "Re-Creation, then sell it, is it fair?

I came across an "artist" Brian Czompi on FB trying to sell Loston Wallace​'s Joker inked by Nick Guy, he claimed he recreated it and it's not traced.

What do you think?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Michael Pearson is todays dumbass~

From Bleeding Cool- Posted by by

Last week, we reported on Michael Pearson, a man recruiting artists to draw comic book art for him, by faking approval letters from Dark Horse Comic editors.
But how did it all go down?
Artist Michael Lawler got in touch.
My name is Mike Lawler and I was one of the people duped in the most recent round of advertisements of his scam. He was posting on’s forums with the same song and dance as the others. What makes my case different, is that I actually reached out and contacted Daniel Chabon at Dark Horse. He was completely unaware of the scam and I forwarded all of the communications including links to the 7 pages I had drawn on this phoney project. I was able to obtain Pearson’s phone number as well and all of that information has been forwarded to Dark Horse’s legal department. As far as I know they plan on pursuing legal action.
I understand Dark Horse have forwarded all the details they have to the FBI. If anyone else out there has been conned by Michael Pearson, it might be an idea to get in touch.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Last Unicorn Publisher Targeted With Accusations Of Fraud - Article by Rich Johnston Bleeding Cool

 From Bleeding Cool~

Last Unicorn Publisher Targeted With Accusations Of Fraud

LastUnicorn-02-coverFinBack in 2010, Bleeding Cool ran a story about how the creators of the Last Unicorn comic book, published by IDW, were running a Kickstarter to fund extra pages for the comic that the publisher was unwilling to pay for.
The comic was based on Peter S. Beagle novel, and created by Peter Gillis, Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon, through Conlan Press.
It’s part of much wider claims of fraud made against the company and creators by FansAgainstFraud who claim ten years of not providing promises. They target Connor Cochran of Conlan Press, saying,
Connor Cochran is the operater/owner of Conlan Press and manager of The Last Unicorn movie tour.  He has taken our money for many years without producing goods.  When we complain, we get no goods or refunds.  There have only been excuses that keep changing – a string of broken promises.
These titles, sold by Conlan Press and listed on their site, have been undeliveredstarting as early as 2004:
  • THE LAST UNICORN Audiobook — 8 CD Edition
  • THE LAST UNICORN Audiobook — MP3-on-CD Edition
  • TWO HEARTS — Collector’s Illustrated Hardcover
  • WRITING SAREK — Hardcover Edition
  • … and others …
See a list of victims. If victims buzz too loudly, Cochran blasts them for causing problems… as if these complaints aren’t harm he did to many independent sources.  Please share them and demand help NOW.
That’s a big list of victims, going back many years. The site also makes a number of other charges against Cochran, looking at past lawsuits and charges against him. A recent update has detailed how such long delays may have been achieved,  listing a series of conflicting and elaborate excuses over the years, including departing staff member, embezzlement and more. IDW gets mentioned along the way, including from 14th February 2011,
In mid-December we sent an email out to all our LAST UNICORN comic subscribers explaining the delay which had taken place with issues 3-6. (Recapping briefly: thanks to a communications problem, IDW only printed enough copies of issues 3-6 for their comic shop outlets, and none for us. They *are* reprinting the ones we need, but it is going to take a while, possibly even a few more months.)
Ray Dillon and Renae De Liz are also still accused themselves of non-delivery and delay of projects from the Peter Pan graphic novel Kickstarter, to the Womanthology Kickstarter, as well as repeated stories of commissioned work that was extremely delayed or never fulfilled, including work such as Rami Ali‘s World Zedd. With, I have to say, the occasional very pleased and happy client.
But I do have to say, I thought unicorns were meant to be lucky….

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Josh Hoopes still scamming you for your hard earned money!

"     Recently, Bleeding Cool exposed the latest identity of serial comics industry conman, Josh Hoopes, as one Samitra Banks. And, in the process, manages to save at least one person from commissioning work from this fictitious identity.

Josh Hoopes poses as a single mother with a five year old daughter in need of work and showing plenty of artistic skills – even if those artistic skills are taken from other people’s websites. Hoopes’ modus operandi is, if commissioned for work, to commission others to do that work, not pay them, keep the money and disappear."

 Read the whole artical here:

Friday, August 2, 2013

Tanriel/ Vilania tracing art for commissions!

I just wanted to bring to everyone’s attention a very serious matter. An “artist" from WoW who goes by Tanriel/Vilania (used to be on Moon Guard, moved to Wyrmrest Accord) has been accepting money from people for art. These people are commissioning what they believe to be original art of their characters, when we’ve recently discovered most of her art is traced/stolen. 

Read the article here: