Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Michael Pearson is todays dumbass~

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Last week, we reported on Michael Pearson, a man recruiting artists to draw comic book art for him, by faking approval letters from Dark Horse Comic editors.
But how did it all go down?
Artist Michael Lawler got in touch.
My name is Mike Lawler and I was one of the people duped in the most recent round of advertisements of his scam. He was posting on Penciljack.com’s forums with the same song and dance as the others. What makes my case different, is that I actually reached out and contacted Daniel Chabon at Dark Horse. He was completely unaware of the scam and I forwarded all of the communications including links to the 7 pages I had drawn on this phoney project. I was able to obtain Pearson’s phone number as well and all of that information has been forwarded to Dark Horse’s legal department. As far as I know they plan on pursuing legal action.
I understand Dark Horse have forwarded all the details they have to the FBI. If anyone else out there has been conned by Michael Pearson, it might be an idea to get in touch.


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