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Kirk Lindo started Brainstorm comics back in the mid 90's and is known for his character Luxura featured in Vamperotica.


Morgan Welborn/ Black Pyramid Studios 01

Morgan Welborn/ Black Pyramid Studios 02

Back in 1999 I got a contract signed with Kirk Lindo at BrainStorm Comics to draw pin-up's for a few books, I was promised payment after the books hit the shelves, as the story goes Kirk Lindo stopped returning my phone calls and letters sent by Mail. He just disappeared. I drew 31 pin-up's and later found out he sold everyone of them on Ebay and kept that money on top of publishing my work. I even tried to file a small claims case, but he no longer (or never did) have an office at the address in the comic, so I really had no recourse.

Morgan Welborn published in 2000 by Kirk Lindo/ Brainstorm comics/ Vamperotica 31 Pin-up's

Vamperotica Pin-Up Special #1 + 7 pin-up's

Vamperotica Illustrated #3 [No credit] + 4 pin-up's

Buxotica #1a Cover artist + 13 Pin-ups [No artist or contact info]


 ***MORE SOURCES: The Comics Journal by Michael Dean  11-14-2003

Inkers Winston Blakely and Luis Sierra say Kirk Lindo hired them to do work on Countess Vladimira for his Vamperotica line but never paid them. Scott Goodell says he is owed money by Lindo's Brainstorm Comics, Carralero and former Carralero publisher High Impact. C.J. Henderson says he is owed more than $500 for a screenplay and a column done for Lindo. Cynthia Johns, aka The Blonde Avenger, says she never received payments contractually due for an issue starring her character done for Lindo's Brainstorm Comics. Lindo says... well, Lindo's not returning the Journal's calls or e-mails. Not much is left of the indy Bad Girl boom of the mid '90s but bad checks and bad blood.

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