Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kirk Lindo gives lessons on TROLLING and Psychology of a DEADBEAT

Since May of 2011, a day after I posted my personal experience with Kirk Lindo [The Darkside to Freelancing] on Deviant Art, I have been bullied by an anonymous person claiming to have worked for Kirk Lindo who called himself "ILOVEMYCOMICS", he signed his name on the account JASON FULLER, but later changed it. Needless to say I later discovered this person to be Kirk Lindo himself.

Here is a man who thinks making anonymous attacks on myself is a professional way to conduct himself to promote a defense. For examples check these links:

 Why would a publisher pose as an anonymous fan of himself to make personal attacks and be overly obnoxious? It seems like Bullying tactics to get me to stop talking, or make Kirk Lindo to somehow be portrayed as the victim of my claims by questioning my ethics and putting me on the defense.

ILOVEMYCOMICS/ KIRK LINDO creates a new Blog just to lay claims against me and try to refute everything I have said. Take special note of his Trolling menu especially this one [How to handle a Troll] which shows how much thought Kirk Lindo put into this manifesto of trolling.

This tells you everything you need to know about Kirk Lindo as a person and how he thinks. This is the type of person you should never do business with.

How do I know ILOVEMYCOMICS is KIRK LINDO? I'm glad you asked, he signed up on a forum I used to frequent [account] Besides it being so obvious a stranger would take what I said so personally and go off like this. KIRK LINDO is a person who will do or say anything to anyone in his way. 

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